May 2, 2010

“We’d like to vaccinate your dog, just in case he goes sniffing someone else’s poop. It won’t take long.”

“How would he sniff someone’s poop? He can’t even sniff his own.”

“Well, when he goes outside, it’s impossible to know exactly what he’s doing unless you’ll be around him at every given moment.”

“He doesn’t go outside though.”

“Where does he go then? To poop I mean.”

“Well I take him for a walk, obviously.”

“And would that not require going outside?”


“Maybe I’m not up to par with the whole concept of taking dogs for walks to relieve them, but I’ve always been told that going for a walk means going outside. So please enlighten me as to how you think it’s possible to take your dog for a walk without going outside.”

“No need to be so defensive, you are’t the first to question my authority. See, I’m a millionaire. Therefore I have a dog walking track in my house with a robotic maid to clean up the poop as soon as it comes out of his butt. So as you may understand now doctor, my dog won’t be sniffing any poop. Ever.”

“Oh… If you say so…”


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