I am,

May 10, 2010

I am the colour of your dreams and your nightmares. I am the shadow leading up to the door you’re afraid to go in. I am the dusk of each day that seems to lose light too fast. I am the black specks of dirt all over your computer screen. I am the puss leaking out of your infection that’s turned rather purple.

I am the silk made from worms that were used and abused to make hundreds of cheap scarves to keep your slit throat warm. I am the bacon grease sitting in a jar in your cupboard aging from the useless cuts of pig known as breakfast. I am the sweat trickling down your face as you try to lose weight. I am the piss of your beer that makes you want to vomit when warm. I am the the unbeknownst sticky substance that covers your bed after a drunken adventure (which only leads to follow up thoughts).

I am everything you despise, disgust, and distrust. I am the unwilling, the unwanted, and the uninhabited. I am yourself.


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