June 21, 2010

We were just trying to get home in the quickest way possible when we got off the train at the wrong stop to try to take a shortcut through a forest and a field where we winded up crossing paths with what we thought was an empty cottage which later turned out to be occupied but we’ll get into that later.

There was an extremely large rope that would connect you to a ramp which would in turn connect you to the lower level of the cottage but somehow I managed to avoid this extremely large rope as I was terrified of the ramp as I would probably miss and fall to my death of a one hundred foot drop.

The upper level of the cottage was decorated by an old lady with pink walls and an open bathroom but the lower level of the basement was perfect scenery to a chainsaw massacre with all the dim or broken lights and bizarre bottles with weird noises coming from every which direction til we realized that the weird noises were people in other rooms deciding they’d slept their hangovers off enough to actually come out and see what was going on and to our surprise they could careless that we were invading their cottage in Ferguson.

The sunset was too inspiring though so we decided it would be best if we were on our way to get back home but thanked our hosts for their wonderful cottage experience and travelled off into the distance, looking for the train.


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